Derek moved from Flagstaff, Arizona, to Fresno, California

Derek moved from Flagstaff, Arizona, to Fresno, California, for a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer position in hopes of giving his family a better opportunity. Derek always wanted to be a Sonographer, but unfortunately, the job he had applied for and received an offer on decided to go a different route. Because of this, Derek decided to turn to Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare Services to help him out with the position he found himself in.

The recruiters in the Fresno office worked with Derek to find him temporary jobs while also continuing to search for more permanent full-time positions. In a few short days, Derek saw an opening in the sonography department downtown and knew that he wanted the opportunity to work with them. Hire Up had ties to the hospital that had the open position, so they knew that they would hopefully get Derek’s foot through the door.

Derek eventually was hired in the position that he wanted, and a few months later, he was hired on as a permanent employee with Hire Up’s client. Derek was making a better salary than he would have with the original job he had set up, more opportunities to grow, and more networking opportunities. Because of Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare Services connections with the client, Derek was able to find him a stable job that is fulfilling. Derek even sees himself staying at this job long-term, and the fact that it makes such a difference in his life and his family is a significant plus.

Hire Up Staffing was very professional and worked hard to find the best opportunity. They were always on point, straightforward, honest, and succeeded in finding Derek a new job position. Derek highly recommends them!

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