At Hire Up Healthcare, our mission is to connect you with the best nursing jobs to fit your career goals – providing you the opportunity to work in different clinical settings and explore the country.

We understand how companies can easily become overburdened with seasonal and cyclical staffing demands, not to mention the associated costs of an expanding and contracting workforce.We work hard to deliver real staffing results that will unlock your company’s potential.

Did we mention results yet? We truly care about understanding your business so that we can source the perfect employee for your team. Whether the placement is for a medical technician, HR role, or administration, our rigorous level of screening results in effective placements and an industry-high retention rate.

We evaluate candidates daily and deploy our highly-skilled recruiters to connect to people with the highest qualifications, exceptional people skills, and years of industry experience. Our excellent reputation in the field means that the best candidates are naturally drawn to us and want to maintain a strong, lasting relationship with our clients.

Our biggest reward has been giving companies more time and freedom

We know the medical industry as we have staffed it for over a decade, and the never ending demands for temporary workers can be a daily strain in operations.

When you choose to work with us, we take on all the challenges of staffing and administration that are holding your company back. We draw on our large inventory of highly qualified candidates – people who love serving others and enriching their lives.

We staff a wide range of specialized positions in the medical industry including:

  • Travelers
  • Allied Health
  • Physicians
  • Front Office
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Bookkeeper
  • NP/PA
  • HIM
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Registered Nurse
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Physician
  • Clinical Laboratory Technician
  • Patient Financial Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Radiologic Technician
  • Therapist
  • Health Records Clerk
  • Patient Accounts Specialist

Our Guarantee

Our commitment is for you to have candidates to review within 24 hours. And there’s more we offer – in the rare instance the person does not work out, the first 4 hours of any temp or temp-to-hire placement are covered, meaning it’s absolutely free! Our client support team is always available to assist you with your questions and last minute hiring needs.

Let our clients and employees share their experience

Reasons why an on-site manager could be the solution for your medical office...

Improved data security

There’s a fair amount of risk that comes with in house staffing. The door is wide open for identity theft. Employee records can be viewed by those who handle payroll. Employees can tamper with records for personal gain, and there’s also the risk of embezzlement.

Aside from these employee risks, you’ll need to consider the security of your payroll software. While the software itself could be relatively secure, you may house your data on a server or network with security flaws that could leave you open to data theft.

Comparatively, outsourcing your payroll typically means your data is stored on highly-secure servers that use cutting-edge encryption technology, along with redundant data backups.

If you want this same level of security on-site, you’ll need to spend a significant amount of capital to create a secured network.

Guaranteed government compliance

The potential costs of payroll mistakes mentioned above are a very real possibility. Just because you’re not an expert in the complicated realm of government tax regulations doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible for mistakes. You’re still legally responsible for any cases of misrepresentation or failure to file accurately with federal and state agencies.

Even a single mistake can leave you open to audits and costly penalties. Because regulations change constantly, often times throughout the year, it’s unlikely that you can stay on top of all of these changes when your focus is to run and grow your business.

Payroll service providers like Hire Up understand tax laws. It’s our business to keep up with the rules, regulations, and changes in tax laws. We guarantee accuracy and compliance. If there are mistakes, we’ll make the necessary corrections while handling the liability of any errors that occur.

Your on-site Hire Up Healthcare Manager can alleviate:


Costs of having significant turnover in temporary positions


All requests for temporary staffing


Placing requests with more than one staffing service at a time


EDD Claims and Workers Compensation