Sheila Miller worked as a Medical Assistant in Houston

Sheila Miller worked as a Medical Assistant in Houston, Texas, before 2020 started at a pediatric doctor’s office in the Houston area. Eventually, Sheila took time for herself as she worked towards her goal of receiving her BSN-RN to become a Registered Nurse. Sheila was close to finishing her degree once the pandemic started, and once it did, she knew she had to put her goal on hold for the time being and get back to work.

Sheila had no idea where to start looking to apply for a new Medical Assistant job since she needed to be close to her children. This was all new territory for her as well as many other people. Luckily, a friend of Sheila’s referred her to Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare Services to help find her a job close by. While working with Hire Up, Sheila was able to find a Medical Assistant job close to her home and children at a major hospital in the Houston area.

Since Sheila never worked with a recruiting agency before, the recruiters in the Houston office made sure to make the whole process pain-free. They were always there with great advice and answered all questions that came up at every step of the interview and hiring process. Exploring new medical employment opportunities had always made Shelia nervous, but the Houston Recruiter that Shelia worked with had a calm, encouraging demeanor. They were able to match Sheila’s skills and ensure that the job was a good fit personally. From the time the pandemic started until now, Sheila was able to find a great Medical Assistant job through Hire Up, completed her BSN-RN degree, and then moved her way up to a nursing position at a different hospital with the help of Hire Up. Hire Up was very genuine throughout the whole process, and they are great at what they do!

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