Hospital Staffing

Have a tough-to-fill position at your hospital or a large number of vacancies that you’d like to fill fast? We are equipped to fill urgent needs, quickly with skilled, quality candidates.

We know how companies can easily become overburdened with seasonal and cyclical staffing demands, not to mention the associated costs of an expanding and contracting workforce. That shouldn’t stop you from excelling in your business.

Hire Up Healthcare Staffs For All Specialities

Our Healthcare teams go above and beyond the services typically provided by a standard staffing agency. They are standing by and ready to assist you in managing your entire clinical staffing and recruitment process; whether you need staffing services for Nursing, Physicians, Surgical Services, Health Records or any other departments in your hospital. Our expertise will streamline your entire contingent workforce needs and help ease your facility through the often confusing and time-consuming outsourcing and implementation processes. Call on us to serve as your permanent recruitment and staffing surrogate.

In a healthcare environment facing clinician shortages within a broadening array of healthcare delivery enterprises, Hire Up Healthcare can supply temporary and permanent hospital staffing with a large and diverse pool of candidates. A reliable medical staffing partner is more important now than ever.

Hire Up Healthcare takes care of staffing, so you can focus on patients

Our experienced, customer-focused account management team will help you achieve and maintain the right level of staffing for your hospital so you can concentrate on what’s important to you and your patients

  • Offering the highest standard of care possible
  • Meeting growing patient demands
  • Guaranteeing reasonable wait times
  • Concentrate on patients and care delivery

Our Commitment as a Partner

We view ourselves as an extension of your organization. Our relationship-based approach results in a solution created specifically for your business and allows you to focus on your long-term goals rather than staffing emergencies. 

We are dedicated to recruiting and placing highly qualified healthcare professionals in virtually every specialty and area of expertise.


Every day you wait to fill a physician job is a day of lost revenue — and a day of lost patient care. Our guarantee is to shorten the time between open jobs to confirmation — leading to fewer vacancies, higher revenue, and uninterrupted patient care.


When your reputation, your reimbursement, and your patients’ care are on the line, quality matters.

It can take months to fill a permanent position. For example, a single physician generates an average of $3,700 per day, and vacancies like these result in significantly reduced revenue. More importantly, unfilled jobs adversely affect patient care.

Our high standard of quality is at the core of everything we do ~ because quality doesn't just affect your reputation (and ours), it also has an impact on your reimbursement and, most importantly, patient care.

Patient experience is one of the focal points for measuring a hospital's quality. Physician quality has a daily impact on not just patient experience, but on your bottom line. We take that very seriously — your success depends on our success, bringing the best talent to you at an affordable rate.

Our investment in people is a manifestation of our commitment to quality — no one does it better.

Win-win only goes halfway

Our core values and company purpose compel us to enter only into partnerships that improve the lives of our people, our providers, our clients, and the communities we serve. If a solution doesn't benefit each of those parties, it's not for us.

We work closely with health systems and their experts on the front lines in this uncertain and rapidly changing environment. This, in addition to keeping up with state and industry trends, helps us to understand evolving conditions, and assist our clients to make educated decisions.

Call your local Hire Up Healthcare office today and let’s explore how we can support your needs and success!

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