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We know how companies can easily become overburdened with seasonal and cyclical staffing demands, not to mention the associated costs of an expanding and contracting workforce. That shouldn’t stop you from excelling in your business.

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Hire Up Healthcare Consulting offers everything from streamlining your recruiting process; to implementation of more valuable HR technologies, and all that falls in between.

Systems need overhauling to keep pace with exponential changes and advanced technology. Our goal at Hire Up HealthCare Consulting is to support your management team to meet the constant and new demands of the daily changing medical field in a seamless manner.

What Benefits Do We Bring?

We consider the most beneficial aspect of HealthCare consulting to be the vast level of expertise you are provided.   HealthCare HR consultants are, by their very nature, experts in their field.  They represent the highest tier of individuals who are operating in the top percentile of their area of specialty.   This esteemed group are conversant with the tailored support their clients require to set and achieve their HealthCare HR goals.

Our Hire Up Healthcare experts partner with you to evaluate the unique needs of your business and then develop solutions to meet those needs. If they encounter education or systems gaps, they can implement the types of training identified to be the most effective for your team.

Our HealthCare Consultants work to implement major change that has a dramatic impact in a rapid timeframe. They are well-suited for this because they have the experience necessary to make more accurate evaluations and understand exactly how to use those insights to your advantage.

Often we encounter a business owner or HR teams’ inability to recognize the impediments that are holding back their performance. Your systems still need to be evaluated even if they are functioning and everything is working. Hire Up HealthCare consultants can focus in and help businesses identify weak links they cannot identify themselves.

Another critical benefit of HealthCare HR consulting is restoring focus to your primary business objectives.  Time saved is money earned; and when a comparably minimal investment allows you to generate the optimal performance from your HR in a relatively short amount of time, the time savings can be significant.

Consider how operating at a sub-optimal capacity for years impacts your bottom line. Now, consider attempting to optimize your HR program on your own, while focusing on the various other business initiatives that you handle daily.   It is likely the process would take a long time,  whether it would be effective, or even get done.

By working with Hire Up HeathCare consultants, you will receive all the benefits of working with a human resources team of experts without having to hire them directly.  Your staff will receive highly skilled training without adding cost to your bottom line hiring additional employees.

It can take your manager and staff far too much time and energy spent attempting to keep up with the constant regulatory updates in today’s world.  Not to mention time spent to understand better how to update and streamline your procedures.  Our Healthcare Consulting professional team can guide you through all these aspects seamlessly.  So your staff can do what they do best, patient care.

The goal of human resources consulting is to improve productivity, efficiency, and communication by increasing the performance of your HR program. This is acheived by identifying your business’s unique needs, developing a strategy for accomplishment, and creating and implementing systems and processes for long-term success.

Our team is ready to assist your need to review and support new changes for the better!

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Reasons why an on-site manager could be the solution for your hospital...

Improved data security

There’s a fair amount of risk that comes in house staffing. The door is wide open for identity theft. Employee records can be viewed by those who handle payroll. Employees can tamper with records for personal gain, and there’s also the risk of embezzlement. .

Aside from these employee risks, you’ll need to consider the security of your payroll software. While the software itself could be relatively secure, you may house your data on a server or network with security flaws that could leave you open to data theft.

Comparatively, outsourcing your payroll typically means your data is stored on highly-secure servers that use cutting-edge encryption technology, along with redundant data backups.

f you want this same level of security on-site, you’ll need to spend a significant amount of capital to create a secured network.

Guaranteed government compliance

The potential costs of payroll mistakes mentioned above are a very real possibility. Just because you’re not an expert in the complicated realm of government tax regulations doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible for mistakes. You’re still legally responsible for any cases of misrepresentation or failure to file accurately with federal and state agencies.

Even a single mistake can leave you open to audits and costly penalties. Because regulations change constantly, often many times throughout the year, it’s unlikely that you can stay on top of all of these changes when your focus is to run and grow your business.

Payroll service providers like Hire Up understand tax laws. It’s our business to keep up with the rules, regulations, and changes in tax laws. We guarantee accuracy and compliance. If there are mistakes, we’ll make the necessary corrections while handling the liability of any errors that occur.

Your on-site Hire Up Healthcare Manager can alleviate:


Costs of having significant turnover in temporary positions


All requests for temporary staffing


Placing requests with more than one staffing service at a time


EDD Claims and Workers Compensation